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  • 01 Arbitx is a Unique Investment Option

    Arbitx is a unique investment option, and there are quite a few highlights that make it a viable option. The investment plan as we offer is totally money outgoing in order for low income earners to become part of the Arbitx network also.

  • At Arbitx, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Zcash are digital currencies that can be traded instantly as well.

  • It is a decentralized system and completely safe from any interference on the web. We are providing fully backed up on our servers as well as highly secured to ensure proper function of every system.

  • The great thing is Arbitx does not holds data of any transaction that happens between any members in the Arbitx .

  • At Arbitx we provide a seamless customer support system that helps members to resolve any queries and issues anytime.

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Forex Arbitraging

Arbitraging is a Small Window
of opportunity

Arbitraging a method that adopted by many traders to earn profit from price differences for the same underlying in different markets.


We have expereinced and expert Fund Managers they adopt various strategies to enhance their chance of profit. They look for the price difference between different combinations of trading instruments. Other types of forex arbitrage strategy involve the following strategies.

Arbitrage defines the act of buying as a security in one market and concurrently selling it in another market at a higher price, thus enabling investors to profit from the provisional difference in cost per share. Therefore in the stock market, traders deed arbitrage opportunities by buying a stock on a foreign exchange where the equity's share price has not yet adjusted for the exchange rate and this is a constant state of fluidity.

Types of Arbitrage

Triangular Strategy

Triangular Arbitrage means how to trade in three currencies. A triangular Arbitrage strategy includes three trades:

  • Exchanging or swapping the initial currency for a second,
  • Currency for a third,
  • The third currency for the initial.

In Triangular Arbitraging, the trader will place three concurrent trades, like buying one currency and selling another, using a third currency as the base currency. The question is, how does it happen? The arbitrage opportunity arises when there are inconsistencies between the exchange rate and the quoted cross-exchange rate. This is situation can occur when a specific currency is overrated against one currency but underrated against the other. One of the most commonly traded triangular arbitraging combinations is such as EUR/USD, USD/GBP, and EUR/GBP.

Statistcal Strategy

Statistical arbitrage involves widespread usage of data and statistics to beat into movement of price.

Triangular Arbitrage

What We Do

Arbitx, The Next Generation of
Bitcoin Trading Company

Your one-stop cryptocurrency Platform to empower your Arbitx Community

FX Arbitaging

It is a form of trading where traders seek to profit from price differences between extremely similar instruments. As a trader we use this style of trading called as arbitrageurs. In case of Arbitraging, we buy in one market, whereas concurrently selling an equivalent size in a different and inter-connected market in the supervision of our hedging experts.

Arbitrage is riskless; this is all going under our super vision’s experts.

Future Hedging

Future hedging is a simple thing to protect your trading positions from making a loss. Naturally hedging strategies contain opening a position with a negative connection to the existing one. In this way under any market conditions the two positions will balance each other. If the strategy nullifies the negative impact of unfavorable primary trade price movements. It can reduce the risks or fix current profits without closing the original trade, but they won't increase gains. Once you hedge the risks, you limit the probable earnings as well. We have excellent hedging officers they can guide and give support step-by-step about the hedging strategies.

Index trading

Especially index trader trades with a group of stocks that make up the dimension of the value of a section of the stock market known as index. That is calculated from the prices of selected stocks. So however this entire process is called index trading.

Our Forex Managers is done by using many strategies with various index options at Arbitx.

Forex Trading

When we talk about forex trading there are so many things and strategies to study and different ways to recognize them. At Arbitx, we can ease the learning process and offer you a kick start towards a fruitful trading career. We have trained and experts team they can guide you and provide you the key success in forex trading.

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